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Posted: 22/08/17

Around 1983 I received my very first computer a Commodore Vic 20, followed a couple of years later by a Commodore 64. If you where not a Commodore user, chances are you where a Spectrum 48k user which was the most popular machine of this time. There where also other home computers on the market, the Acorn Electron, BBC Micro the Amstrad CPC's, Commodore 16 and Plus 4 which came along a bit later.

I think the stand out features of all these computers was the ability to learn Basic programming as soon as you switched the computer on. The computers of this time will always bring back fond memories and have a place in our computing history. Looking back now I really I wish I had held on to my Vic 20 and C64 but probably like a lot of other users they where binned along the way, crazy when we think about it now.

In the early nineties I purchased an Amiga 600. The Amiga 600 is still one the best computers I have ever owned. Compared to the expensive business machines of the time the Amiga seemed light years ahead. There was always something new and interesting with this computer. I eventually sold my Amiga 600 in 1993 and my parents bought an Olivetti 386 with Windows 3.1, at the time it felt like I had taken a step backwards. I couldn't afford the 486 DX machine at the time so had to wait a couple more years before I finally purchased a Pentium PC 66MHZ with 64MB of Ram a few years later.

It's 24 years since I sold my Amiga 600. My interest in old computers hasn't faded over this time, so it was always my intention to one day put together a website providing information and help to new users interested in emulation, old computers and games and other information relating to old computers.

ZX Spectrum Emulators

Posted: 22/08/17

How do I play ZX Spectrum games?. The best place to start under emulation would be with the most popular home computer of the 80s, the ZX Spectrum.

Fuse - the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator

Part 1: Install Fuse

Part 2: Using Fuse

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Thrust by Firebird

Thrust II by Firebird

Krakout by Gremlin


Posted: 24/09/17

Updated: 16/11/17

Game Category: Platform

Game Title: Thrust

Publisher: Firebird

Year: 1983


ZX Spectrum 48k

Media Type: Cassette

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