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Part 1: Install Fuse

Posted: 26/08/17

Fuse is a Sinclair Spectrum Emulator originally created for Unix but is available for download on Windows, Linux and other operating systems.

This guide will show how to install Fuse on Windows and Debian Based Linux Distributions. Part 2 provides general information on how to load and play your favourite Spectrum games and learn about some of the basic settings in this emulator. The guide will be expanded over time.

Install Fuse on Windows

Click here to visit the Fuse website and download the executable for Windows and install.

In the Windows version the roms are installed in the following directory Program Files/Fuse/roms

Install Fuse on Linux

Open you terminal and enter the following commands

sudo apt-get update

Install the Fuse Emulator

sudo apt-get install fuse-emulator-gtk

Roms are not included as default in the Linux version, so we need to install another package for the roms

sudo apt-get install spectrum-roms

In the Linux version the Roms are installed in the following directory /usr/share/spectrum-roms

There is a small difference between the number of roms included in the Windows and Linux versions but the main ones are installed, these are:

  • Spectrum 48
  • Spectrum 128
  • Spectrum 128 +2
  • Spectrum 128 +2A
  • Spectrum 128 +3
  • Spectrum 128 +3e
  • Note For Linux Users

    Posted: 24/08/17

    Set up your Gamepad or Joystick

    Click here to for information on how to install a gamepad or Joystick in your linux distribution.