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Thrust II

Posted: 24/09/17

Updated: 09/11/17

Game Category: Platform

Game Title: Thrust II

Publisher: Firebird

Year: 1986


ZX Spectrum 48k

Media Type: Cassette

Thrust II Game Description

Control the ship by rotating left or right and pressing the thrust key to set the ships direction and search for the orbs.

Orbs are located on the surface or inside the caverns of the planet. When you have located an orb, hover above it and press the L key to attach it to your ship.

Transport the orb to the surface of the planet, and deposit the orb in to the atmospheric processor
You need to locate 16 orbs to complete the game, and build the complete atmospheric processor.

Orbs have different masses, so manoeuvrability of your ship will be reduced and will require just the right amount of thrust to safely transport it around the terrain.

Look out for other obstacles throughout the game including the androids. Androids can only be destroyed by firstly hovering over and activating the chemical agent boxes, located inside the caverns. Certain chemicals will work against specific androids, so check the boxes. When you fly near to an android with the chemical agent activated it will be destroyed.

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Thrust II Game Controls

If you own this game and would like to play this in an emulator, please use the following keys. You can also redefine the keys for the game.

Left = Q

Right = W

Thrust = P

Pick Up Orbs or Agents = L

Fire = Space

Thrust II Game Images

Selection of images from the ZX Spectrum 48k version can be found below.

Thrust II Screenshot
Thrust II Screenshot
Thrust II Screenshot
Thrust II Screenshot
Thrust II Screenshot
Thrust II Screenshot
Thrust II Screenshot
Thrust II Screenshot

Thrust II Video

Short demo of Thrust II on the ZX Spectrum 48k

Thrust II Cassette Covers

Cassette covers from the ZX Spectrum 48k version of Thrust II

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Other versions of Thrust II

A selection of game images from other versions of Thrust II.

Thrust II - Amstrad CPC Screenshot