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Part 2: Using Fuse

Posted: 26/08/17

If you need to install Fuse in either Linux or Windows please click here for information.

Start the emulator, Fuse will boot in to the Spectrum 48k. Next we will download some games. Gremlin Graphics World offers free legal downloads of their old titles. I downloaded Krakout from their site for this example.

Once you have selected your own game to download from the ZX Spectrum list, extract the file. The extracted file with either be in .tap or .tzx format.

In the Fuse menu, select Media >> Tape >> Open and locate the .tap or .tzx file that you just downloaded and click open.

Now we need to load the game. (Load "") Press the letter J on your keyboard followed by control + PP and hit enter.

Your game should now automatically load.

Questions & Answers

Q: How do I increase the size of the viewing window (Scaler)?

A: In the fuse menu goto Options >> Filter, select the scaler size from the list and click OK.

Q: How do I select a different machine?

A: In the fuse menu goto Machine >> Select, select a different machine from the list and click OK.

Q: There is no option to enlarge the viewing window to full screen?

A: To get the full screen you need to install Fuse SDL which is only availble for Linux and Raspberry Pi

Q: How do I turn off fast loading of tapes?

A: In the fuse menu goto Options >> Media and uncheck the following options from the list, Fastloading, Use Tape Traps and Accelerate loaders.

Q: On the Spectrum 48k, what keys do I presss to load a tape (LOAD "")?

A: On your keyboard press the letter J (Load) followed by CTRL + PP ("") and hit Enter.